Looking to Sell Your Records or CDs?

In addition to the cleaning services I offer, I also spend a good deal of time buying and selling, as you likely know from my Catalogue Sales, or my Discogs page. I am always looking to bring in new items for sale to help fund my own collecting habits. Many of you are looking to downsize you collections if you have moved to digital, need to clear out room for new arrivals, or want to make some money on the things you just don’t listen to anymore. That’s where I come in to do the hard work for you.

There are two ways in which I handle collections:

Outright Purchase: After assessing the condition and value of your items, I can pay you a lump sum to buy your albums at a reasonable price. Most dealers will offer you pennies on the dollar for your stuff because they have overhead and are trying to make a living off it. I do this in my spare time, and I can afford to give you better value on your sale.

Consignment Agreement: Are you looking to sell a smaller number of items, or to take home more of the profits? I also partner with sellers to handle all the work of selling, packing, and shipping for them. How does this work? I draw up written agreements to ensure that everything is tracked, and payment is made to the seller on a 70/30 split of the net profit after merchant and PayPal fees, and the cost of shipping. Payments are made on a regular schedule as sales are made.

You send me the items for sale in one or more shipments (I can even provide the boxes for shipping to me), and I take the time to catalogue the items in a shared spreadsheet, research pricing history, and list the items for sale either directly or through an online marketplace such as Discogs. I then handle all aspects of the sale from processing payment, packing, and shipping. I absorb the cost of cleaning the records and buying packing supplies. Consignments are the bread and butter of the secondary art market, and I have been working in this fashion in galleries for over a decade. Let my experience benefit you.

This is a hands-on service for fellow music collectors who don’t want to go through the hassle of listing, selling and shipping their albums themselves. I am already shipping numerous items every week and make scheduled trips to the post office. In addition to having me handle all the nitty-gritty, you are also getting added exposure for your items when they are included with my other sale items, increasing their chance of sale.

Use the contact info on the right to get in touch and we can discuss any questions you may have.

What I'm Looking For

As you may know from my previous sales, I specialize in Prog, Psych, Krautrock, Jazz-rock, Experimental, and other Underground music. I’m most interested in original pressings, and anything of collectible value. The goal is to make money for both of us.

I’m only interested in albums in good condition, or of extreme rarity if they are not. I will try and sell anything, but it is not worth either of our time to try and sell stuff you’d find at a thrift store or garage sale. There are unfortunately many more worthless albums than diamonds in the rough.

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    • Mike/The Vinyl Archivist thinks about cleaning and preserving vinyl with the same care and enthusiasm you have for collecting vinyl. When you send him records, you can feel confident that they will return in a manner where every ounce of potential sonic depth has been extracted. Even the return packaging is simply fantastic and completely protective.

      Owner, PopShop Record Stop

      Jeff Carney
      PopShop Record Stop
    • I have a rare LP visually appearing to be EX, and despite multiple attempts of cleaning with other solutions and machines, the record always sounded more like a VG record. I became increasingly frustrated and brought the record to The Vinyl Archivist – now the LP sounds like it appears. I couldn’t be more satisfied! Highly recommended!!!

      Steven Belkin
      The Vinyl Archivist Customer
    • “The records cleaned on the ultrasonic machine sound pretty great.”

      Greg Northrup
      Gnosis Rater / Reviewer